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I think I definitely belong to the "no ads" side here, although I respect those who don't. I'm happy to have to pay a bit more (like the TV licence in the UK that pays for an ad-free BBC) to be able to enjoy whatever radio, book or the internet without offers for this and that (usually useless stuff) popping out here and there. I can't recommend warmly enough the AdBlock addon which prevents adverts from being displayed on screen.
As for all the rubbish stuck on walls, bus shelters or "the toilet stall door opposite the shitter", I see little difference between that and the slogans that totalitarian regimes put on display everywhere in their countries. Dictatorship forces on us how happy we are under the Great Leader Kim Il Sung's wise leadership (which may or may not be true, probably not, in fact) and capitalism forces on us how happy we would be if we purchased whatever model of expensive sports car (which may or may not be true, probably not, in fact).
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