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Question (MOBI) Yet another ToC problem (have two of them)

I use kindle touch, so I decided to go for MOBI format. I found a .pdf on project gutenberg. There, it had its own ToC, which was a bunch of links that switched you to different chapters. I copied/pasted the whole thing into word, made it look how I wanted (cut out all the gutenberg info that's added in front and after the book itself), saved it as .rtf and opened it in calibre. From there I add some proper metadata, added the covers, converted it into the MOBI format, sent the whole thing to my kindle didn't work, at all, no ToC.

After going back to the drawing board, I googled how to add ToC in a word document. I used different styles for for chapter titles and texts, and then I added a "smart ToC" in Word 2010. It worked great, looked great, felt great. Once more, I saved it as .rtf, opened it in calibre, added metadata, converted to MOBI, uploaded to kindle.

Now I have metadata when I open my book, I can select the chapter and I get thrown to the wanted chapter. Which is nice. If I select GO TO function but then select "Beginning", I get thrown back to my ugly ToC, that is in the first page of document itself.

But also, when I select the GO TO function in kindle itself, and then select "Table of contents" option, I get thrown to the neat looking ToC that calibre created.

Is there any way now to delete MY ToC, IF I already have the neat calibre one working??

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