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Question Compile pi / pbtk

Hi yuri,

i managed to build one of the first versions of pi without bigger problems.
But you have changed your toolkit to use "sigc++" and tell us in README, that we have to build "sigc++" first, to build "pbtk" and at last build "pi".

I downloaded "sigc++" source, but I do not know, how to build it on my Ubuntu-System with Sergex Vlasovs SDK and "Eclipse". I can build the demo projects and my own "Calculator", and even my latest program. But all that stuff has regular "Makefiles" while "sigc++" has a ""/"" pair, that seems to be for "automake" to me.

1) Do I guess right, that i will really have to build "sigc++" myself, because i need a binary for arm_gnueabi to run it on the Pocketbook?

2) How do i get a regular makefile to get "sigc++" built in my Eclipse/Vlasovsoft-system?

3) Furthermore you use one #include to </boost/shared_ptr> (do you really need boost's smart-pointer in "pbtk"?). Can i use boost-library classes for pocketbook development at all?

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