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Mobipocket default font?


I realise that iRex are currently rewriting the mobipocket viewer from scratch, but in the meantime, is there no way to change the default font for the mobipocket viewer? I struggle to understand why they released the viewer with just one font, or at the very least, why they chose to go with a Sans Serif font as default since I'm sure the overwhelming majority of us much prefer to read books in a Serif font. It would have been nice if they could have released a micro update just for this issue to tide us all over till the new software release comes out.

I noticed someone had put up a font switcher (and suggestions the Serif font wasn't very good), but all I want to do is change the default font from the current "Arial" style font to "Times", for example. That's it.

Surely it can't be that hard?

Thanks for any responses in advance.

Apart from this small irritating issue (which basically means I try to reformat all my books as customised PDFs instead), I am loving my new Iliad.

(Incidentally, I thought I had the above issue sorted, by instead using FBReader to view (unencrypted) mobipocket files, since I'd altered the default font to Times. Unfortunately, though they now looked fantastic, I was incredibly disappointed by how SLOW FBReader was compared to the standard mobipocket viewer. Pages seem to take about 5-6 seconds as opposed to probably less than a second with the standard viewer.)
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