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Pop-up dictionaries on K4

Dear Members of the Forum,

I have been using my Kindle 4 for some time now, and enjoying the dictionary pop-up function. So, being perhaps too enthusiastic I went and bought a Latin and a Hebrew dictionary on amazon (not too much money spent there), but it seems that they do not function as pop-ups, which makes them unusable (I would not leave the book being read to go and search a dictionary for five minutes).

Does anyone know how this feature is marked, so that when I buy a dictionary I know that it will pop-up?
I recall reading somewhere that amazon provides some 6 default dictionaries (en, de, fr, pg, sp, ?) - and they show indeed on my kindle account - that can be activated as default dictionaries for respective languages and that then do pop-up, and that apart from these, nought will work.
I cannot find this info anymore.

So, the nuclear question remains: is it possible to buy a dictionary for an arbitrary language that will function as a pop-up?

And satellite questions are:
- where and how?
- how does the contraption decide what language a book is in? (E.g. I have a french text that Kindle insists using an English dictionary on).
- (advanced!) is it possible to make Kindle use a dictionary as a pop-up? is it possible to turn a dictionary into a pop-up recognizable by Kindle?

I would be very thankful for any info on these matters.
In fact I am thankful even in advance.
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