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Originally Posted by dtomcat View Post
is that all you need to do to have custom screensaver? add images to that folder? if you have any info that, that would be great... I google'd it, but didn't find anythign definitive! Any help would be greatly appreciated... I've paid to not have ads, so I don't need to get around that.
Yes.. sorry my last message got messed up.

To add or replace random screensavers, just add an 600px X 800px greyscale png file to the /usr/share/blanket/screensaver/ directory and rename it following the naming convention in the directory.

So, there are 20 default screensaver images, bg_xsmall_ss00.png through bg_xsmall_ss19.png. If you are adding another name it bg_xsmall_ss20.png, and so on. I believe you can go up to bg_xsmall_ss99.png

An easy way to add files is to copy them to the kindle in usb drive mode, then move them to the proper directory using ssh. Say you are adding your first new image named screensaver.png that you have copied to the kindle in usb drive mode.

First make the root filesystem writeable;

mntroot rw


mv /mnt/base-us/screensaver.png /usr/share/blanket/screensaver/bg_xsmall_ss20.png

I usually just do a reboot to clear ssh and set the filesystem back to read only, but you can do a mntroot ro, and turn off ssh manually.

Hope that is clear.
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