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I have to say that I continue to love CoolReader (and thanks for continuing to look out for us Nook Simple Touch users!).

Quick question, since I don't know if it's me or my unit or whatever:

Over the last two updates, when I go to "Open File" to pick a book in my catalog, I can never get a "full" rendering of ALL the covers in my catalog. Let me explain. I currently have "medium" cover size selected. When I select "Open File", 4 or 5 book covers are rendered in the first page of this catalog/list. I press Page Down (or swipe down), then the next 4 or 5 book covers are rendered. BUT just then (!), as soon as that SECOND page's covers are rendered, CoolReader takes me back to the FIRST page of the catalog. So now I press Page Down again and go to the SECOND page which has all the covers rendered. So I then press Page Down again and go the THIRD page. Whammo. The third page's covers begin to render, but Cool Reader kicks me back to the first page of the catalog again. I can now page down without issue to the second and third pages of the catalog and have all the covers on the pages effectively rendered. You can guess what happens with the fourth page (and fifth, etc.).

However... at about the 6th or 7th page, CoolReader's catalog then encounters a different problem. NOW, when it kicks me back to the first page of the catalog, the first page begins to "lose" some of its covers, having to re-render 1 or 2 of them again, while the rest on the page remain "o.k". Then the whole process starts again, with the SECOND page "losing" a couple of covers, etc.

I think this anomaly started happening when one of the updates included the much-wanted feature of scanning and showing all the covers in one's library without having to open each book first. Again, not sure if it's me doing something wrong, if this is just an anomaly on the Nook Simple Touch (running Android 2.1), or if it's Cool Reader, or....

Just FYI: My library in Cool Reader numbers just under 100 books, all in a single folder. Current version as of this post is 3.0.57-1.

Anyone know what the issue might be?

(lastly: MUCH obliged to Buggins for including the new feature of being able to mark one's books "Finished" or "To Read". Awesome feature and fits right into the similar 'GoodReads' model. Thanks!)
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