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Kindle "SE Blank Ringo" repair/hack

Hi all,

I have a Kindle Keyboard (WiFi and 3G) that's broken - it seems to think that it's a cabbage not a Kindle.

I bought it this way, with a very dead battery. (3.0V)

It would sit charging with the orange light on indefinitely, and reports itself to the PC as an "SE Blank Ringo" - the product description for the freescale processor used inside the Kindle. I switched this battery out for a fully charged one with the same result.

No amount of resetting appears to achieve anything:

Power on/off - nothing happens.

Hold the slider for 5 sec - nothing happens.

Hold for 12 secs or more and the orange light will go off, the device will disappear from my computer, then the light comes abck on/device reappears when you let go of the power switch.

Normally when you fit a battery to a kindle, both green lights come on then it boots up. In this case, nothing.

It's almost as if there is some low-level hardware functionality there, but there's no software on there. Being a curious type, I'd like to investigate.

Has anybody on here come across this before? (search for ringo didn't flag anything)

Any recommended reading?

The device is long out of warranty.


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