Thread: PRS-300 My Sony PRS-300 has issues!
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My Sony PRS-300 has issues!

Alright, I was trying to add new books to my reader, but every time I tried to do so it would freeze and my reader program closed. I re-installed it twice, re-added my books, tried deleting some books off of it, but nothing would work.

And now I go and find out that all the files that were on the reader, such as the database, installer... all the files that came on the reader, were deleted, along with all my books. I think it may have been formatted.

Does anyone know what I could possibly do to get this working again or is it completely gone? I know it's kind of hard to understand what I'm trying to say... I'll try again.

When I open up my reader from My Computer, there is no files on it, it's completely empty and no longer works...
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