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Originally Posted by hostar View Post
There is script which should control this stuff.
Unfortunately I'm not currently able to post here content of that file, but you will see there some signal sending commands and if you comment it by #, save it and restart Kindle, you should not be able to access user folders over USB by normal way. The question is, if you will be able to access device over USB at all... so try to check that file and maybe other files in same folder and if you have ssh over wifi access, you shold be able to access the Kindle even if USB ssh access will be broken.

Thanks for the clue. While this works on a stand alone device, IF I were to restart the device while connected to the computer via USB, the startup sequence loads the USB Disk, and, then if you were to consequently unplug, the Kindle has no way of handling that. (since we;ve commented that bit out). So I'm guessing that the file is referenced only on CHANGE of USB status.

This could be a fairly workable solution, if we could also figure out how to disable the startup mount.

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