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Originally Posted by Joanna View Post
Sorry, I didn't make myself clear. What I mean is that you can click on the book in focus only, plus you can move one book left/right. However, you are not able to click & open books that are further behind (where you see just a little part of cover only). Even though you know that's the book you want you still have to switch one book after another instead of skipping the other books (that are closer) and moving straight away to the one you need.

It is not really such a big deal but it kinda takes away some of this real-book experience
I just want to throw my two cents in here. I too would wish we have shelves in Calibre. I really like the way GoodReads and Kindle display books on shelves for browsing so that one could scroll through just the pictures fairly rapidly. I am a "visual" type and remember covers better than titles most of the time. I've even thought about creating my own thumbnail gallery but once I started, yikes...too much work to relabel every thumbnail copy from every folder. Just one person's opinion.
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