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Originally Posted by theducks View Post
8.48 behaves on XP
note there is separate tag browser sizes stored for Full screen and reduced screen.

Did you reboot your PC?
I wouldn't have expected a reboot to be required without the usual installer instruction ... but rebooting does not change anything. Wherever those browser size data are stored, I'm sure they are unavailable to me.

Originally Posted by kovidgoyal View Post
Look for a very long entry in the Tag Borwser and rename it by right clicking on it.
I have never known tag entry size to affect the resizing of of the Tag Browser pane. Perhaps it does this for the initial sizing if the browser pane has been closed, but resizing has always been ad hoc in my experience, and pane size and status has been static from launch to launch of Calibre, and static as one toggles the pane open/closed.

Certainly, in the past, some book additions have stealthily added lengthy tags to the tag library without affecting control of the Tag Browser itself. Also, this does nothing to explain the 2nd issue of the 'restored' Calibre application window sizing, where the Tag Browser pane becomes 1+2/3 screens wide.

Anyways, here goes, reviewing ~9,000 tags ...
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