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Free (DRM-free multi formats) The Bride Found [Time-Travel Historical Romance]

The Bride Found is 2nd in Tracey Jane Jackson's Civil War Brides series of f/m historical time-travel romances featuring modern women* getting sucked back into the aforementioned past, free as All Romance eBooks' final Earth Day countdown selection, in conjunction with the author, whose name I happen to recognize in what is not a good sign, because I know it from having seen it over and over again on the Amazon discussion boards where the author would repeatedly and rather randomly post her book as a "suggestion" in response to pretty much any romance topic, and appears to have occasionally posed as more than one completely impartial reader who just discovered the most AMAAAAAAZING new author everyone just had to try!!!!!

But maybe in the time since Amazon banished all the self-published author promotion to the cornfield and deleted most of their pre-existing spamming posts in the other forums, the author has learnt better and maybe her writing even has sufficient milli-HarlanEllisons of talent to make one overlook such lapses. One can hope.

In any case, this has 1 flame on the heat index and no particular warnings, and the 1st book in the series is also free if you want to read it.

Free without DRM in the format of your choice @ All Romance eBooks until shortly before midnight US Central time on April the 22nd, which is Earth Day. If you missed it earlier, the previous day's 3-flame f/m alien shapeshifter mage sci-fantasy action adventure romance will still be free for a limited time: Taken by Storm

And this brings us to the end of another year of the All Romance eBooks Earth Day countdown.

Stats for this year:
f/m: 15
m/m: 5
f/m/m: 1 official, 2 f/m with multiple partner warnings
shapeshifters who are not werewolves: 1
shapeshifters who are werewolves: 2
vampires: 2
alien warriors: 2
non-alien warriors: 5
warriors of any sort who are women: 2
aliens in general who think that earth girls are easy: 3
virgins, proxy or pretend: 2
brides and/or weddings: 4
official mate-seeking/claiming which does not involve anything so quaint and abstract as mere marriage: 4
stalker exes: 2
kidnappings: 3 (surprisingly, no overlap with the stalker exes; but then I guess these might qualify as the stalker current significant others)
couples playing "doctor": 1
couples playing "master & slave": 3 (for some reason, we have a surprisingly low proportion of BDSM this time around)
couples playing "hey, let's see how many chapters it takes before someone develops Stockholm syndrome!": 2
interpersonal drama which is the main focus of the story: 3
action/adventure: 5 (I think this has replaced BDSM on the trend-o-meter)
suspense/thriller: 2
romantic comedy: a very lonely 1
historical: 3
futuristic: 1
time-travel historical spanning future and past: 1
contemporary not-taking-place-in-a-paranormally-overrun-world-being-invaded-by-aliens: 8
paranormal: 6
sci-fi: 2
domestic: 2
workplace: 2 (well, technically 3, since one of the domestics was a housework thing)
western: 1 (cowboys not so hot this year, I suppose)
flame count from 0-5: 1, 1, 1, 7, 3, 8

Still no lesbians or bisexuals who aren't just providing the scenic sandwich slices in an f/m/m ménage, but hopefully you all had fun with this year's selections, especially if you happen to enjoy mate-claiming warrior bride erotic action/adventures taking place in a contemporary world not being overrun by paranormal aliens.

Emma Wellington is dealing with the strange disappearance of her sister and brother-in-law, and no one is certain they're even still alive. Saddled with their home drowning in probate, she is forced to take over the settling of their estate.

As she's standing in her sister's library, possibly for the last time, she sees a strange vision and then her world goes black. She awakens to find herself in an old-fashioned carriage house, facing a man in top hat and tails.

Clayton Madden is in Lincoln's War Cabinet and after arriving home one evening, discovers a beautiful woman in the shadows of his carriage house. He is immediately enamored with the tall beauty, despite her strange speech and dress. His intention is to get to know her further, but she disappears in the middle of the night with no explanation as to where she's gone.

Will he find her before a deeper plot threatens her life? Will Clayton and Emma find a love that is everlasting?

* And why don't these ever have guys pulled back to the umpteenth century to impress the local women with their modern respect (or at least convincing pretense thereof) and non-chattel†-like treatment of women as actual human beings, not to mention their spiffy bathes-at-least-once-a-week hygiene‡ and straight, shiny, non-rotted dentally-treated teeth, as well as height and probably-non-broken noses and unpockmarked faces and nice straight limbs from not being severely malnourished?

And seriously, why on earth would any woman (or anyone in their right mind, for that matter) ever want to live in the actual past?!

I personally would not consider Tru Luv™ to be anywhere near sufficient compensation for lack of working plumbing and thoroughly inadequate hygiene and medical practices leading to frequent devastating epidemics and also low literacy/education and high lynch-mob-creating superstition rates clearing out the remaining non-diseased population alone.

(Much less the hypothetical additional prospect of being treated like like some sort of second-class rib-spinoff with no reasoning capability or personal agency or even actual rights under what passes for the local law on top of it, if female in most pre-industrial and many post-industrial societies, for that matter.)

I'll take Friends With Benefits® and modern industrialized technological life with occasional trips to historical recreationist society events instead, thank you very much.

† "Chattel" is legally defined as movable property. Just so you know. It should not be confused with "cattle", which is another thing women got treated like back then.

(I will refrain from making a "why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free" joke, because here's a hilarious Ellora's Cave cover which really just says it all.)

‡ Seriously for serious, English chroniclers used to rail against the Viking/Norman invaders who were seducing the women with their heathen habits of once-a-week baths and actually combing their hair and beards, which is something apparently, that the Englishmen did not do.

(I will refrain from making a "no sex please, we're British" joke. Okay, maybe I won't.)
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