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Question Windows GUI broken?

Unexpected results with the GUI after restarting Calibre this afternoon, just after upgrading to 0.8.48 from 0.8.46. Checking here before for some problem determination submitting as a bug. Calibre is the only application displaying this behaviour. (Win7 64-bit)

Installed 0.8.48 and restarted, OK. On the second restart noticed GUI wackiness detailed below. This was within ~10 minutes of the upgrade to 0.8.48 and no other programs were un/installed in this period. Uninstalling .48 and reinstalling .46 did not correct the problem, so this may not be specific to 0.8.48, although perhaps .48 changed something that is now persistent through some Calibre setup?

Basic problems are with the widths of Calibre components...
(1) The tag browser now takes up the left 2/3 of my screen and the 'resize Tag Browser' grabber does not allow resizing -- double-clicking it closes the Tag Browser completely or opens it to the 2/3-screen width. These tools to resize the Book Details and Cover Browser seem unaffected. This is when the Calibre window is 'maximized'.

...and with the Calibre window itself:
(2) When the Calibre window is 'restored' it essentially grows to double the width of my screen. The window can be manually resized in height, but the width cannot be adjusted at all. The Tag Browser now takes up fully the left half of the window plus, scrolling right, another 2/3 of the second half of the width of the application window.

So... is there a bug in Calibre? Has something caused Calibre's window and component windows to become corrupted? If so, any idea on how to correct this with minimal damage to my installation?


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