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Multi format 'Add' help

(repeated from Dragonator)
I love Calibre and [want to] use it to organize my ebook library. It's awesome.

I've acquired eBooks for years and recently found Calibre.
Clicked on 'Add Books' for a gazillion books. GIGO

...then I read (some of) the instructions. Realized that the
'Add' formula was a 'RegEx'. Read many threads herein.
Found some useful templates.

Here's the thing. Due to the sheer mass of items, I've found
there are multiple formats that have been used to save
the eBooks:

author_name - series_name series_index - book_title.extension
book_title - series_name series_index - author_name.extension
series_name series_index - book_title - author_name.extension

plus lottsa extraneous stuff added along the way such as
version no.s, extension type (IN THE FILENAME), etc.

obtw... I use "Bulk Rename Utility"
(a freebie like Calibre, and DONTATIONs appreciated)
It's super useful to clean up extra stuff.

Thanks for any links, formula's AND plain text explainations
to aid in the creation of my own - which then will be shared
with the community.


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