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Originally Posted by arraintxo View Post

I've just been working on this last week and using the new REST API to fetch the article list, so I have this almos working.

I hope it helps...
Thanks! I'm still using the old method of scraping the Pocket minimal interface because I find it produces more constant results. I'm currently trying to get access to the v3 article rendering method mentioned in the API documents since it is what Pocket uses now. They are holding most of it off until everything settles.
I've written something up similar but am waiting until I can perfect it to commit it to my github, especially if they are just about to change their API.

I was looking at your code and I was wondering, Line 66-68
        index = self.API_INDEX + 'v2/get?' + self.get_auth_params()
        index += '&state=unread'
        index += '&count=' + str(self.max_articles_per_feed)
Won't this pull the NEWEST max_articles_per_feed? The API doesn't have an option to present in reverse so you need to take the list and reverse it yourself before lopping off the feed count.

The biggest reason for modding the RIL plugin in the first place was to add the functionality of presenting oldest to newest, there is a few feature regressions in your version.
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