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Question Noobie: Problem with MetaData

Hi All,

I have been using Calibre for a while to manage my ebook collection (mainly for my now deceased Sony Daily Edition, and now for iBooks on ipad2).

I have found iBooks is not great for pdf (no annotation), and have just started using Stanza for my pdfs.

Now I have spent hours sweating over getting all of the meta-data right for my pdfs, but when I import into Stanza (using the content server) the metadata seems to be a bit all over the place...

At first I thought this was bcs it was picking up the 'group' (in Stanza) from the 'ID' column rather than the 'Tags' column (in Calibre)...

But then in checking one of my pdf books, I inadvertantly pressed the "set metadata for the book from the selected format" - which then changed the metadata in Calibre to what I was seeing in Stanza....

Is there anyway that I can change this so that Stanza will reflect the metadata that I have entered into Calibre. I think this must be something to do with some standard settings associating metadata with pdf files somewhere in Calibre's settings - but I couldn't figure out where.

All I need is Author, Title, and Group/Tag. This last one is vital as I have almost 1,000 pdfs sorted into various categories using the tags in Calibre.

Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, or is really obvious, but I couldn't see anywhere in the Calibre options to change the metadata associated with a particular format - which I think is what the problem is...?

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