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Originally Posted by KevinH View Post
Yes, that would help. If you have one or two .mobi ebooks that work on the Kindle KB but not the Kindle Fire that should help get things started. It would help to include the original epub they were generated from. I can then run them through the latest kindlegen and my own KF8Writer software to use as comparison cases.

Here you go. Since I batch convert & send to device, I'm not sure I know HOW many files I have that won't work. I travel a lot, so I have my library duplicated on both my Fire & my KB.......can't say I have tried to open EVERY file........... I do know that files batch converted and sent to device together don't all work on the Fire.

Again, thanks for your help unraveling this problem.

Originally Posted by Blossom View Post
I would do as posted above suggested and submit those files to Kovid. I don't know why it's happening to some and not others it has to be the source used in conversion or bad firmware update.

I always use the option in Look N Feel to remove fonts, margins and colors. I never have an issue with any of my books. I do however use a different profile. Maybe you could try that and see but my guess it's the source. If you take a epub from smashwords convert to mobi then sideload does it crash?
It didn't with the one I tested originally, but not EVERY one crashes. Of course, the idea that the source was bad never crossed my mind.

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