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Originally Posted by KevinH View Post

I have access to some tools like and that should be able to let us compare to see what has changed.

Please find an older calibre mobi conversion from an epub in your library that works and save it and then convert that epub again using the latest calibre and verify that the new conversion is faulty.

Then post a zip archive of both the broken and working mobis. And it wouldn't hurt to include the original epub as well.

With the and tools, we should be able to see what if anything changed to help Kovid track down the issue.

The problem with your request is the conversion is hit or miss for the Fire. Batch converting produces files the Fire will open and files it won't. If the conversion isn't successful, it isn't successful now matter how many times I reconvert or how many options I change. The EXACT SAME FILES (converted using the FIRE output!) can be read perfectly on my Kindle KB. I can post the files that work on the KB but not the Kindle if you like.

Originally Posted by Blossom View Post
This is such an odd thing. Let's do a factory reset and then come back and see if that fixed it. Are you using Calibre with Windows or another O/S?
I've already done this TWICE! And re-loading 1,000 books from Calibre takes so long that I don't want to do this again if I can help it. (Yes, I know it's a lot of books - long story - multiple users and tons of travel time. ) I'm using Calibre on Windows.

And, for the swift responses - you have no idea how grateful I am! This issue has been driving me nuts ever since the problem surfaced! I don't even want to think about how many hours I've wasted trying to fix the problem! Thank you!

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