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Kindle Fire or other Tablet such as Archos G9

Hi all!

I recently purchased a Kindle Fire a few weeks ago when they were selling at $139.

However, I'm finding a few things on the Kindle Fire that are bothersome such as:
1. Gmail-I access it thru the web browser. Sometimes is shows in Desktop mode, and sometimes in mobile.
I use Gmail features such as Labels alot

2. Web pages don't seem to load properly

3. Video-seems slow and does not fit to screen well

I found that this week Staples is having the Archos G9 on sales for $199.
I do not know anything about this tablet.

So, right now I'm debating on whether to keep the Kindle Fire, get a Tablet such as the Archos G9, or another device
(Note: Ipad is not within my price range at the moment)

Around the holidays, I had both the Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet 16 GB.
I ended up returning them both.
I actually preferred the feel of the Nook Tablet. It wasn't until I started reading forum posts and reviews on how its app market is too limited that I decided to return.

Please note that this is the first time to dip my toes into Tablet devices.
Also, I do not have a smartphone.


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