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Ideal settings in Calibre for epub output to a Prime?

Originally Posted by gstephen70 View Post
Hi all. I wanted to add that I have since figured out how to optimize the settings for book reading on the Transformer.
Well the title is a bit long....but I am hoping that someone might have some tips on which settings to use in Calibre for outputting to the Asus Prime.

On Page Setup I have alternated between using the so-called generic settings for a tablet, or, the settings for an iPad, or, the Samsung Galaxy and even the settings for a Color Nook. Most of the time the results are fine...and there doesn't seem (at least so far) to be a whole lot of difference in the results. Every once in awhile I get some 'fractured' texts.....sentences or paragraphs out of order etc. Rarely but it does happen....I wonder if it is because the original book had some artsy design format that just doesn't convert correctly?

I am, unfortunately, converting from pdf files to epub format. I understand that the pdf format is not the best starting point but that's what I have. So with that in mind does anyone have some recommendations based on their own experiences? Thanks!
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