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Originally Posted by Ken Maltby View Post
Hmm... I'll have to see if I can rig a ground for the adapter's USB connection at pin 4.
(If there is not one there already.)
Please carefully re-read the first section of my breakout box document.

Also refer to these links:

You can't do anything with pin 4 of the adapter's USB Standard-A connector, or that end of the cable. That pin is ground.

The pin that needs to be grounded, to affect charge current, is the additional pin (pin 4 or pin X, depending on which of the above links you refer to) that's only present in the Mini connector. In the USB cable that came with the Libre, and any other Standard-A to Mini-B cable, this pin won't be wired to the cable or anything else. The only way to get to it is in the Mini-B connector itself. (Or you could ground it in the Libre itself but I definitely wouldn't advise that.)
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