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Originally Posted by doughayman View Post
Well, not sure if the original poster of this thread is still on-board, but I found out what the issue with Kindle Previewer is. I am having trouble rendering "Kindle" and "Kindle DX" cover images using the Kindle Previewer on my laptop (Windows XP). Well, for fun, I installed the KP on my wife's laptop (Windows 7), and lo and behold, the cover images render perfectly for "Kindle" and "Kindle DX" devices.

There has got to be a bug with any XP-code graphics rendering, or something else funky going on with KP. By the way, I provided Cover Image on this final test via Calibre, which was the original way I desired to due it (yes, I like the GUI better than the command-line stuff).............
There is definitely an issue with the Previewer and cover images (I'm using XP as well, never thought that could be part of it). In 'Kindle' mode, my cover shows as being too large for the screen.

I checked it out with some of my downloaded mainstream books, and they acted the same way, so it is the Previewer and not the .mobi file. Basically we just need to ignore it, and look at the 'Kindle Fire' mode, etc. I just put my book up on Amazon, and the cover looks great. (I used the 1.6 ratio, and that was really frustrating - like what is the optimal size? But it turned out looking real good.)
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