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Originally Posted by AlexeyII View Post
Usbnetwork & Dropbear package for Kindle 4 no touch for runing in production (non-diag) mode

This stuff need because in PROD mode needed files in /usr/local absent, and startup scripts cannot run usbnetwork & dropbear services
Requirements: Kindle 4 no touch 4.0.0/4.0.1 firmware, installed jailbreak

1) instal jailbreak if you dont have
2) place update_k4w_usbnetwork&dropbear.bin to root folder of attached kindle
3) update

1) place empty ENABLE_USBNET in root folder of attached kindle & restart
2) after restart you will see screen about usb connection with no switch to main screen
3) ssh to, login as root and enter password (password relative to serial number of your device, you need calculate it before )
4) if you want remove "usb connection screen" do command:
lipc-set-prop -i com.lab126.volumd useUsbForNetwork 1
/etc/init.d/volumd stop
/etc/init.d/volumd start
/etc/init.d/framework restart
5) if you want restore normal mode and have "usb connection screen", you need reboot device manualy, like "sh /etc/init.d/reboot stop" or other way
6) file ENABLE_USBNET will be deleted by kindle automaticaly, after reboot usbnetwork will be disabled
Could you make the uninstall .bin for this?
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