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@jglerner: can you install the freetype lib and see if this solves (some of) your problems? As far as I see, everything *except* for the serif font substitution should be working... (in case of oddities, manually refreshing the font cache, then restarting, is always a good idea to try as the first troubleshooting attempt)
-installed freetype lib,
-changed (S) Serif to Georgia2,
-rebuilded font cache
-restarted framework
-still have (S) Serif,
-changed (S) Serif to DejaVu Serif,
-rebuilded font cache,
-restarted framework,
-without opening Font Hack 1.3.0 restarted KT,
-no joy, still (S) Serif overriding FH 1.3.0
-opening Overview I have:
DejaVu Sans Condensed as SS
DejaVu Sans Mono as M
DejaVu Serif as S
DejaVU Serif Condensed as C
-opening Details I have
(S) Serif as Serif
DejaVu Sans Condensed as Sans Serif
DejaVu Sans Mono as Monospace
DejaVu Serif Condensed as *condensed*

I only have trouble among (S) Serif and other Serif fonts (tried DejaVu Serif and Georgia2).

Thatīs the report.

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