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Dumbed Down NST root???

I just bought my Nook Touch and am not happy with the limited functionality. I have been reading a lot about rooting the device and I have some questions I cannot find answers for.

I am not really interested in web-browsing, checking e-mail, or running games. The only reason I would root the device is to get access to a decent PDF viewing and something that reads word docs. I don't even necessarily want/need to be able to download apps directly on to the device. I would be happy to just download the 1 or 2 apps I want on my PC and then just drop them in the nook directory when I have it connected.

Questions are:
1)can I do a "dumbed down" root? Can I just install the e-reader easy root and then just not connect with youtube/gmail?
2) does the e-reader easy root still work on NST with 1.1.2 operating system?
3) is this something a non-programmer type can do?

Thanks in advance for any useful advice.

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