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I've done a reset, twice. I have used the Calibre for two years and never changed the settings. This all happened a few days after the new KF update. As I said all my old files converted two years to a couple months ago work fine. I tried resetting all Calibre settings back to default, that didn't work. The settings I usually use are 'putting a space between paragraphs', 'don't add table of contents', and I used to use 'enable sharing'. I never mess with the settings too much because I don't know what most of it means. In fact I used Calibre for a whole year before I realized what metadata was and that I could insert a new cover. LOL. I was ecstatic. I found a site where one other person seems to be having this problem at the same time mine started but no one seems to be active on the thread so I came here.
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