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They Shoot Birds, Don't They?

Hello Everybody

The title of this thread is also the title of my book, which is available exclusively on Amazon at just 99 cents (US) and 99 pence (UK).

"They Shoot Birds, Don't They?" is a quirky, funny and educational read - aimed at those of eleven years of age and anyone above. It has a total of eleven 5 star reviews on the and .com sites. Please ignore Amazon's estimate of length on the site - it is a full length novel of 47,000 words!

Here is a taster of the plot:

Twelve-year old Mason Wilson's parents are in debt and they need money fast. Will God come to the rescue like he's been asked to?

Mason has his own plan - to win first prize in a newspaper competition on urban myths. But how? Spotting a dead bird on the roadside sets him thinking - why do you rarely see dead birds? Where do they all go? There are lots of theories on the internet but none are really convincing. He sets out to find the real answer.

One night he follows a strangely collared cat to a large lorry, in which he stows away and finds himself at an old factory run by the eccentric Mr. Finch. As he explores the grotesque things that go on there, Mason discovers that fact really is stranger than fiction and that plans are afoot which could wipe out the nation's entire bird life.

Even worse, he realises that he's the only one who can do anything to stop it; but if he does then his golden chance of winning the competition will be lost. Still, if his Mum and Dad find out he's gone missing, that will be the least of his worries!

Target Audience

11+ with interests in any or all of "urban" science fiction, nature, environmental issues, the internet, mysteries and detectives, moral dilemmas, gadgets and inventions, faith and quirky humour.

US and UK links are below.

Please check it out, buy it, read it, enjoy it, review it and tell your friends!

M.P. Jones
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