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Wow, this update seems excellent at first glance.

1. The Collections page has a new font (looks "cleaner" to me)

2. After a mistranslation of a French word "lancinantes" (in English, the Kindle reported "ancinantes" as a translation), it did translate another very quickly ("soubresauts" - technically, "somersault" but in this context it really does mean "ups and downs" which the Kindle translated perfectly!); wondering if this feature works without wifi/3g on...

3. And the landscape function worked magic on a badly scanned, OCR book I have in PDF format, I kept tapping to turn the page, and it automatically jumped down the page (in 3 parts, for me) and turned to the next page. The print is now MUCH easier to read. Love it.

But question: has anything changed in the Read-to-Me With Text-to-Speech function? The site advertises: "Have your Kindle Touch read English-language content out loud to you, now including summaries of newspaper and magazine articles when available from the publisher."
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