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Originally Posted by hostar View Post
As you say you are experienced linux user, I believe you will figure out what to do from this thread (including way how to load SSH diags image):
To a point. The part that I don't get is this part:
Follow the instructions in the "Select Boot" thread to get your bricked kindle into fastboot mode.

In fastboot mode, do:
gunzip mmcblk0p2.img.gz
sudo ./fastboot flash diags mmcblk0p2.img
I don't know how to "get my bricked kindle into fastboot mode". After that, everything else makes sense.

Originally Posted by geekmaster View Post
Or you can do it without MfgTool (or windows) IF you have diags access. Set fastboot mode (permanently until you change it with the fastboot tool) from diags (exit menu / install fastboot package). Then you can use any fastboot (windows / mac / linux).
I haven't reviewed the fastboot for mac/windows source code but I assume it contains some sort of magic to figure out what device the kindle is using.

Most of the command examples I've seen seem to just have fastboot cmd something with no indication of device location or name.


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