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Annotate does not work in image pdf (boox m92)


Two days ago I received my onyx boox m92, which is my first and only e-reader.
I've tested many things in it, and they've worked just fine (Praise be to God), except for the internet, which I am not done testing yet (will let you know if I have any problems when I am done testing it).

The only problem I've had so far is with annotating in pdf files that are images (scanned books).
I read both Arabic and English books, so I tested image pdf files in both languages, I tested three different arabic books, and one in English, and "add annotate" does not work correctly.
When I click on "add annotate" and then select a paragraph or a sentence, a box appears for me to give the annotate a name, so I type up a name, or numbers, then I click on "ok".
But when I got to "All annotates", there is nothing there, it did not save it.
I tried this several times in several arabic and english image pdfs, but no results,the same thing happens.
This happened with firmware 1.6, and with firmware 1.7 (i updated it thinking it would solve the problem, but it didn't).

How do I fix this problem?

Please help

Note: Annotating works fine with text pdf.

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