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Problem unbricking my Kindle Touch

Good morning everyone!

My first post, unfortunately, is to ask for help. :-( I'm pretty experienced in linux (run my own web host, have my own home media server, etc) so I decided to play around with my rooted/jailbroken kindle.

I noticed that the actual kindle application is a java package that loads a bunch of libraries from /opt/something (the full directory escapes me right now, but it's pretty obvious when you ls the directory).

TL;DL version: I decided to rename a few of the files to see how the kindle would react.

Full version: I noticed that the kindle application is bootstrapped within /etc/init/framework where it does a find on all .jar files within specific directories. I removed the safest files I could think of (the ads) that would not adversely affect the actual application. NOTE THAT I WAS NOT ATTEMPTING TO REMOVE ADVERTISING! White-hatting only. When I rebooted, I got an error saying that the selected application could not be started.

Thinking that usbnetwork was still on, I tried to ssh back in to rename the files back but no luck. I googled various ways to unbrick and found this thread:

Geekmaster provides a lot of insight but I'm still a bit confused. I am successfully able to boot my kindle into diag mode using MfgTool (I had to dust off a windows machine I had laying around). I was unable to locate usbnetwork drivers for windows xp so I just plugged the kindle into my Mac which recognized the usbnetwork immediately. I could start usbnetwork and could successfully ping the kindle, but could not ssh. I got a connection refused.

What I don't understand is the fastboot process. On the MfgTool, there is a fastboot option. Using this doesn't do anything to the Kindle (at least from what I can tell). I downloaded the image provided (mmcblk0p2_ssh.img.gz) and unzipped it but unsure how to actually load this image.

I haven't yet plugged the kindle into my linux machine, primarily because my only linux machine is a server. I'm hoping that a Live-CD will be able to do the job. If not, I'll have to spend some time in the basement utility closet.

Can anyone provide further guidance on actually activating fastboot? Is fastboot just a utility that flashes the kindle, like dd in linux? Or is fastboot more of an adjective that describes an action?

Thanks for your help thus far!
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