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Calibre, Tags & Square Brackets

Tnx for the suggestions. Many eastern eggs later there is a glimps of a solution. Of course my next question is; What causes Calibre to place square brackets around the Tag ? Beneath is the content of the file .metadata.calibre as placed on my reader. Don’t know the relevance but in addition the “tagline” is spread over more lines.
When I edit the file on the reader (remove brackets), the next time Calibre connects the brackets are back !

Content of the file .metadata.calibre placed on the sony reader

"rating": 10,
"author_sort": "Bakker, Bram & Jong, Koen de",
"application_id": 638,
"pubdate": "2011-01-01T00:00:00+00:00",
"series": null,
"author_sort_map": {
"Jong, Koen de": "Jong, Koen de",
"Bakker, Bram": "Bakker, Bram"
"publication_type": null,
"size": 1679408,
"author_link_map": {
"Jong, Koen de": "",
"Bakker, Bram": ""
"uuid": "2c67950d-c771-4623-9d4a-a2854cf1a4f0",
"title": "Bewegen voor beginners",
"user_categories": {
"Reeksen": []
"comments": "<p class=\"description\">Bewegen is goed <br></p>",
"languages": [
"user_metadata": {},
"thumbnail": [
"db_id": null,
"tags": [
"timestamp": "2012-04-03T21:00:31+00:00",
"mime": null,
"authors": [
"Bakker, Bram",
"Jong, Koen de"
"publisher": "Carrera",
"series_index": null,
"lpath": "Bakker, Bram & Jong, Koen de/Bewegen voor beginners - Bakker, Bram & Jong, Koen de.epub",
"rights": null,
"title_sort": "Bewegen voor beginners",
"cover": null,
"book_producer": null,
"identifiers": {
"isbn": "9048809959"
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