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Reading List / Get Books crossover


Let me start by thanking all the plugin developers for their great work -- they have added a great deal to my satisfaction with Calibre and my ability to streamline my various workflows.

In thinking about what workflow I could next streamline, I was thinking about how I use the Reading List plugin to maintain my wishlist. I, like many other ebook enthusiast I would imagine, have a fairly large backlog of unread ebooks as well as an almost equally long list of ebooks that I am interested in, but have not yet bought due to the fact that I have plenty to read on hand and that the introductory price for new ebooks is more than I am willing to pay. With this setup, once a week or so, I walk through my Wishlist and use the Get Books capability to check the current prices for all the books on my Wishlist, looking for any books that have dropped into my price comfort zone.

For me (and I hope others who have a similar workflow), it would be useful to have an addition to the Reading List plugin to be able to update a custom column with the lowest price (or potentially list of prices) returned by a Get Books search (using the configured stores in Get Books) for each book in the list.

Any thoughts?

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