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I was really, really hoping to avoid a factory reset because I have a lot of apps with saved data on it that I don't want to lose. A factory reset is my last resort only.

Last night I messed with it for hours, I even went through and uploaded them all to my nook one by one instead of in any kind of bulk and it was working for a while. But now it's all of my books pretty much that are out of order, and not just those 27. I took basically all of them off instead of the series i'm currently reading until I can figure out what the problem is. I don't think it has anything to do with the amount of books on it, because I've had way more books on there than what I have now.

My cord recently broke so i've been using a different micro cord to plug it into the computer, do you think that has anything at all to do with it? I sure do wish I had never messed with the plugboard to begin with and kept it how it was .. at least it was sorting correctly then.
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