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Massive slowdown in iBooks - Russian book with stress marks

I'm studying Russian, and have starting reading Russian books in iBooks - all good so far. But then I tried a book with stress marks (to help in pronouncing the words) and iBooks has immense difficulty with the file; taking a up to 10 seconds to open the book, and then pausing for long intervals when I add annotations.

Here's a sample of text with no stress marks; this works fine:
Это как-то связано? Ваше состояние и вспышки гнева. Вы испытываете гнев в момент волнения?
And with stress (Displayed perfectly, but with huge slowdown):
Э́то ка́к-то свя́зано? Ва́ше состоя́ние и вспы́шки гне́ва. Вы испы́тываете гнев в моме́нт волне́ния?
Any ideas as to why the version with stress marks gives iBooks so much trouble? Are unicode combining characters (if that is what these are) so taxing?
I've tried different versions of iBooks, along with brand new installs of iOS 5.0.1 and 5.1, to make sure it's not just a problem unique to one configuration or something.

The book is from here, for what it's worth:
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