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Originally Posted by dwanthny View Post
I'm going to guess that the only glitch is in your Nook or calibre library. Have you checked the 27 books to ensure their author_sort data is correct in the library?

I do something very similar on my PRS-950 and PRS-505, but I use author_sort instead of author. In addition to the line you have for Destination field: authors in your plugboard, I add the following extra line in the plugboard:

Source Template: {author_sort}{series:|[|}{series_index:0>2s|(|)]}
Destination Field: title_sort

This should allow you to sort by title and get what you want without changing the title.

I don't have a Nook, but I suspect the error is somewhere in your data or ereader.

Good Luck.
I've been thinking about this source code you gave me, and it just might work .. i am going to try this out in a few and get back to you on that. *crosses fingers*.
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