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Yes and No

The best way to read unicode on kinde right now is this:

1. Save your text as PDF document.
2. PDFRead 1.8.2 is used to convert PDF to PNG images, and they are saved as PRC book.
3. The resulting PRC book can be used on kindle. You will not be able to increase fonts, and add highlights. But you will still able to mark the pages and add notes. The good sized book will run you about 20mg. But page turns are acceptible.

Originally Posted by seajewel View Post
I am dying for this feature also. In the meanwhile, has anybody with a Kindle tried converting text to image files (.jpg) and putting them in the Pictures folder(? I read there is something like this that will allow you to look at image files on the Kindle)? Is there a good text to image converter that would allow me to convert several hundreds of pages without devoting a lot of time to individually capture each "page"? How long did page turns on the Kindle take when using this method?

But please, if anyone out there is talented enough, please please look into Unicode support. I think it's shameful that Amazon doesn't come with it in the first place. I'd buy one yesterday if it had.
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