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I don't know .. these titles always worked before. But I keep getting told that it's not a bug, so there's gotta be something more going on. I just don't know how to check into it further besides the standard metadata, which I am positive is correct.

That template, would that make it where the authors are still sorted in correct order? The only reason I don't want to do Author sort is because I think that will make it show up LN, FN.

I might just have to lose the plugboard period .. but I can try asking people on the nook board in this forum, as well as the actual nook forum and see if anybody has experienced this issue.

I got told it's not the plugboard because the format was changed correctly, but that it must be something with my device .. but before i did the plugboard, my device was working correctly. Maybe my device just doesn't *like* the plugboard lol, like it's not meant to sort that way so it's refusing to. It just sucks that MOST books do sort how I want them to and how i expected them to, and just a very small chunk didn't.

Sorry, mini rant lol. kinda frustrating.
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