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It's difficult to put a time on it because it varies. The changes frequently aren't reflected until some type of overall "refresh" that program performs has occured. This "refresh" just seems to often take much longer than in prior versions. Again, I noticed that the program took much longer to open as well (in the past few versions). I have been using the program for at least six months.

The first time I noticed it today (after installing 0.4.73), I was making some changes and they just would not "take." I tried a couple of times and they simply wouldn't appear saved. I closed and re-opened the program and they were, in fact, saved. Subsequently, the changes would eventually appear ... it just seemed sluggish.

Of course, the size of my book database has grown over time as well and I can certainly see that it may all be attributable to that. I just wasn't sure and thought it best to bring the issue to your attention. Incidentally, I should ask if there is some practical limit to the database size or number of books it can handle?

Regardless, it's an excellent program Kovid and I am most thankful for all your hard work on it.

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