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Exclamation Kindle Touch:How to reset to factory default? [Resolved]

Hi guys, I'm just a new member here.

I just bought Kindle Touch for 20 days, but today i use the (usbnetwork)ssh change the /etc/upstart/framework
it's already dead and the screen shows a man under a tree.Few seconds late ,it will auto restart cycle.

I tried to restart by holding power button 20 seconds many times ,still stuck with a man under a tree page.

I plugged in USB cable with my notebook .When it auto reboot, i can see it as a USB Drive when connected to the PC 20-30 seconds

I can use the diag or fastboot mode ,but i don't know how to reset the KT to factory setting.

oh, when i use the diags mode to enable the usbnetwork ,but the ssh result me that connection refused.
ps, i try the (jailbreak)data.tar.gz ,but it doesn't work.
also,i use the "data.tar.gz" and ""
mount -o rw,remount /
cp -f /mnt/us/framework /etc/upstart/
cp -f /etc/upstart/framework /mnt/us/a/
chmod 644 /etc/upstart/framework
shutdown -r now
but It does not work too.

and i use the fastboot mode ,use
fastboot setvar bootmode reset
fastboot reboot
when it reboot ,then shutdown the KT

so,i use
fastboot setvar bootmode factory
fastboot reboot
but it into the diags mode.

Now i setting back to
fastboot setvar bootmode main
fastboot reboot
it still Automatic reboot on the screen shows a man under a tree(first SPLASH IMAGE)

I am use Windows XP SP3
What can i do? thank you!

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