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Library in Calibre Portable

I have just started using Calibre Portable and found that upon first start-up it does not run me through 'Create/switch library,' it comes configured with 'Calibre Library' (I just hate this generic, non-specific, unidentifiable name) as the default.

Now I have three libraries, each one of which is a Calibre library. And yes, all three of them reside on my portable device. I went through 'Create/switch library' for each of the three. I then went through 'Remove library' and followed up with deleting the empty folder.

Wouldn't you just know that when I started Calibre Portable the second time it did not remain pointing to the library I had just defined and was using, it just went ahead with recreating 'Calibre Library' and sat there in an empty library which had been specifically and purposefully removed?

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