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Last night I tried to delete the book from device and calibre, and reupload the same book .. I changed some metadata around and when I uploaded it back in, the covers and everything changed but they stayed up top.

Just now I deleted a book from the device and reuploaded a different copy of the same book. I'm about to find out if it helped or not .. just waiting for it to boot up.


Nope .. didn't work. There's gotta be something I'm missing .. but I really don't see any similarities between the titles up top.

Here's the top five:

Caragh M. O'Brien [Birthmarked (01)]

White Cat
Holly Black [Curse Workers (01)]

Beautiful Creatures
Kami Garcia [Beautiful Creatures (01)]

Kelly Creagh [Nevermore (01)]

The Faerie Ring
Kiki Hamilton [The Faerie Ring (01)]

They're not just all the first in the series though .. there are some different ones further down.

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