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First of all, this thread has been very informative - thank you!

I have been working on my calibre library and uploading to my unrooted Nook Color for the better part of the day. I was just about finished when something odd started happening, that i'm hoping somebody can help me figure out.

For one, I'm using this in the authors section.

{authors} {series:|[|} {series_index:0>2s|(|)]}
It's been working pretty well until I actually finished with my entire library and uploaded to my nook color. Then, all the sudden there were *27!!* books out of place.

Now, they all have their series and such where it's supposed to be, but all the other authors underneath them are in alphabetical order, whereas these .. are just randomly put at the top. I've been looking over their metadata and making sure everything is correct but I can't seem to find the culprit. What would fix this? Do I need to completely delete the books from my library and device, and reupload them again? It just started doing this, it has been perfect all day long!
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