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TWO OPF files or something like Media Queries in the OPF file for KF8 and MOBI?

So, I have a fixed layout book that looks great on the Kindle Fire, and just fine on the older Kindles. I used media queries in the css (lots of display:none !important and other silliness going on)… but it works.

However, these lines of code in the OPF are breaking the Kindle book, and when removed they ruin the fixed layout version:

<meta name="fixed-layout" content="true"/>
<meta name="original-resolution" content="600x1024"/>
<meta name="orientation-lock" content="portrait"/>
<meta name="RegionMagnification" content="true"/>
Is it possible to

1) Use something like a media query so that Legacy Kindle readers ignore these four lines of code
2) Create two OPF files, one for the Fire, and one for MOBI

Incidentally, the cover looks pretty bad on the MOBI version, because the Kinidle Fire uses a different aspect ratio. Either of these solutions (or perhaps there's something I haven't thought of yet) would allow me to call two covers in this metadata as well, which would be fantastic.

Thanks in advance… I have looked around, can't find anything regarding this particular issue.
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