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can someone help me....?

I performed the following steps.

1. d2j2d was installed
2. Restart Kindle
3. On Kindle - "Create input for Calibre" to export the existing collections
4. Connect Kindle to computer
5. Imported into the Kindle Calibre Collections (Custom Column "Kindle")
- In the root directory of the Kindle was a file created called "kindle_collections_path_cache.calibre"

6. edit "Collections" in Calibre (Column "Kindle")
7. Export with "Create Colloections on the Kindle from Calibre"
8. Disconnect Kindle / Select "Import data from Calibre on the Kindle
9. I see the screen "Importing Content Catalog ...." forever but the device does not restart
10. I reboot the Kindle manually
11. The collections were not taken.

Is it because "Save template starts with: calibre," ???
What do you mean?

I'm edit the entry in Calibre "Preferences / Sending Books to devices"...

I changed the entry from "{author_sort / {title} - {} authors"



Is this correct?

I have also been deleted the cc.db in var/local. (ssh / mntroot rw / rm cc.db)

This did not have the desired effect. On the Kindle here were no collections created

Can someone help me?
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