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What's frustrating is that the Kindle app has no problem doing this. iBooks, Kindle and Stanza all have these directly integrated. I cannot imagine them ever not having them, though I may be wrong about that.

Simply put, Kobo seems to be the only app in a slew of apps that does not have what seems to be an incredibly vital feature. I understand you may have reasons as to why it doesn't work, but when ever other eReader iOS app has it stock, even one as "off the cuff" as Stanza, and they're all well under 20 megs (Stanza is under 9) that doesn't seem to make any sense.

My reason for asking is that I am planning on purchasing a book. I really enjoy Reading Life and was considering buying it there.

However the issues I've got:

- No search within the book
- No ability to display actual page number (like possible on Touch reader)
- No ability to select 1 page/2 page display in landscape

Now it'd be nice to be able to sync bookmarks on non-kobo purchased books, but hey so be it. I also wonder if the social sharing options are available in any way on non-kobo ePub books?

Anyway, thanks. I don't mean to sound angry, but this is very frustrating when every other eBook software has the ability to search in books and it seems like it's a backburner problem that might not see a solution for eons.
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