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Question randomness in series_index prefixed to title

Sorry if I make a new thread, instead of posting in an existing thread, but I'm tearing my hair out.

I'm trying to convince my kindle 4 (the one shipped in italy for 99, without touch, without keyboard) into organizing my books into collections, with titles re-ordered by series index.

But no matter what I do with the Kindle Collections Plugin and the Metadata Plugboard I get results that are somehow hard to reverse-engineer.

I have several books pulled from baencd at the 5th Imperium.

For example, the only series/collection from that source that I've PARTIALLY managed to "behave" as I wish is the Vorkosigan Saga series. (Which I had to reorder by hand in editing the metadata individually, because Ms. Bujold really likes to make her fans sweat ).

I've ordered 8 books in the "vorkosigan" series/collection as follows:

Vorkosigan [1] Cordelia's Honor
Vorkosigan [2] Young Miles
Vorkosigan [3] Miles, Mystery & Mayhem
Vorkosigan [4] Miles Errant
Vorkosigan [5] Miles, Mutants & Microbes
Vorkosigan [6] Miles in Love
Vorkosigan [7] Cryoburn
Vorkosigan [8] The Vorkosigan Companion

I've set up the metadata plugboard as: {series_index:0>2s|| - }{title} -> title, so I could have them displayed on my kindle as "nn - title"

But, even with extending that piece into other fields such as title_sort, author, author_sort, I keep getting on my kindle ONLY the last three of the list above with the title actually modified by the plugboard... the other 5 titles haven't been affected at all by that plugboard

Could you please help me at least into finding the culprit: it is the kindle itself? or it's the Kindle Collection plugin? Or it's the metadata plugboard's fault?

Otherwise I might as well upload on my kindle the series I want to read and stick a post-it on its back with the correct order I want to read them

Mods, please feel free to move this post in the correct section of the forum, if necessary.

Please accept my pre-emptive apologies for any noobish mistake I might have committed with this post
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