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Kindle Fire:Why Do My MOBI Files End Up in my DOCUMENTS Folder Instead of BOOKS??

Hey all,

I have a Kindle Fire and have been using Calibre ever since I got it. A great program.

Anyway, when I get a book if it'snot in MOBI format I will convert it. So all the books I have loaded into Calibre are MOBI files.

The other day I had picked out 5 or 6 books that I wanted to transfer to my Fire to read. I have bought a couple directly from Amazon and they were delivered wireless a month ago or so.

I select the books and have Calibre send them to the device. When it finished I unhooked it and went to check and see if everything worked ok, it did. Right there in the BOOKS tab were the 2 books I had purchased from Amazon as well as the 5 I just had Claibre transfer to it. I decided to go in and see where all the books were stored on my Fire.

When I connected it I opened it so I could look at the files and folders. There are several folders on the Fire, Pictures, Music, Movies, DOCUMENTS and also a BOOKS folder. There are more, but you get the idea.

Naturally I suspected that all of my books would be in the BOOKS folder, they weren't. There were a couple in there that had file names that were made up of random characters and numbers. They were listed as MOBI files though. Wondering where the 5 books I just transferred were I checked in the DOCUMENTS folder and sure enough, they were all there. All were in the MOBI format. even though those books I had Calibre tranfer to my Fire showed up on the device in the BOOKS section, they actual files were being stored in the DOCUMENTS folder. I don't understand it. Why aren't they in the BOOKS folder? After all they are BOOKS....

Now I am wanting to read some PDF files on my Fire and have been told to hook it up and copy them to the DOCUMENTS folder and when I open my Fire I should be able to click the DOCUMENTS tab and they'll show up. We'll see, I haven't tried it yet.

Can anyone explain to me why Calibre transfers the MOBI files to the DOCUMENTS folder instead of the BOOKS folder? If I went in and moved all the of the MOBI files in the documents folder to the BOOKS folder, would they still show up in the BOOKS section on the device?

Please explain.

Thanks for the time.

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