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Easy way auto server

So I have read through this forum and wanted to share a easier way. Because windows will let you do this with out adding more software to your server as I really don't like junking up my server as much as possible. (helps with stability) 3 year in the running with out restart!
Do the following
1. Go to Control panel
2.Administrative Tools
3.Task Scheduler ( what ever way is easit to get to this service)
4. on the right side Create Task
5.Put in a name you want to call it options (select Run whether useris logged on or not{will ask for your password to be saved})
5a.1. Select configure for: select your system
5b. Select Triggers on the top the click new
5b.1.begin the task: select at start up ( I dont have any thing selcted in advanced settings other then enabled) Then hit save
5C. Then select Actions go to new (Action:Start a Program) Settigs: browse your way where you have calibre folder once there find (calibre-server.exe) Select it and hit ok
5D. go to conditions the only thing i have here selected is: Wake the computer to run this task
5E. Go to Settings: select (if the task fails,restart every: 1min,attempt to restart up to 3 times.

Once you have saved and restarted ( I normaly have to give my server 8 mintues of loading everthing before accessing anyting) type in your addresses to your calibre libary and should work. Work great for me I just wanted to share sorry for the step by step or any spelling errors.
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